100 Students At This Madhya Pradesh School Write Using Both Hands


There are claims that the students of this school can translate a 250-word text under a minute.


Over 100 students at a school in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli have the ability to write using both hands, in addition they are also well-versed in five languages.

The Veena Vadini Public School is situated in Budhela village in Singrauli. The students at the school are also proficient in Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Urdu and Spanish.

“First I used to write using my right hand, then I learnt to write using the left hand. In the third standard, I knew how to write using both hands,” said Pankaj Yadav, a Class 8 student of the school.

“When I was in a lower class, I used to write using my right hand. Then switched to left. We also know five languages,” said Adarsh Kumar, another student at the school.

Former President Rajendra Prasad is the inspiration behind students picking up this skill, said the school principal.

“Former President Rajendra Prasad was ambidextrous, could write using both hands. We took that as an inspiration and helped our children learn the same skill,” said school principal Virangad Sharma.

The school was founded in 1999. Till now, 480 students have graduated who can write using both hands. Alongside their regular classes, the students are also taught yoga and meditation for an hour.

There are claims that the students of this school can translate a 250-word text under a minute.

“Our brain is divided into two parts. The teachers at the school have trained the students in such a fashion that they are able to use both parts of the brain at the same time and are able to write using both hands,” said local psychologist Ashish Pandey.


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