5 Points On Indian Nurse Who Fled Australia After Murder


Rajwinder Singh at the airport in Sydney.

Authorities suspect that Rajwinder Singh, 38, killed Toyah Cordingley on a Queensland beach before fleeing to India.

All you need to know about Rajwinder Singh

  1. The Queensland Police in Australia have set a record reward of 1,000,000 Australian Dollars (Rs 5.3 crore) for the public’s help in arresting Indian nurse Rajwinder Singh.

  2. Rajwinder Singh is wanted in the ongoing investigations into the 2018 murder of 24-year-old Toyah Cordingley in Far North Queensland.He lived in Innisfail Town, Australia, but is originally from Buttar Kalan, Punjab, India.

  3. Toyah was reported missing on Sunday, October 21, 2018, and her body was tragically found the next morning at Wangetti Beach, just north of Cairns, according to the Queensland Police News.

  4. Rajwinder Singh’s last known whereabouts were India, according to the Australian Police. Additionally, a Cairns investigative centre has been constructed, and Punjabi- and Hindi-speaking police officers from all around the state have been flown in.

  5. These officers will be able to receive information from anyone in India who might know Singh’s whereabouts via WhatsApp. Investigations into Toyah’s killing, including bringing the criminal to justice, are still a top priority for the Queensland Police Service, according to Detective Acting Superintendent Sonia Smith.

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