A Owaisi Party Leader Charged For Hindus Remark


Mr Ali, however, claimed he never referred to a particular community.

New Delhi:

A case has been filed against AIMIM Uttar Pradesh President Shaukat Ali for a provocative speech at an event where he said those who threaten Muslims marry one woman but keep several mistresses and produce illegitimate children with them. He has been charged with disturbing communal harmony a day after he made the controversial remarks at a gathering in Sambhal.

In the video that went viral, leading to legal action against him, the AIMIM leader said even when Muslims marry twice they respect both women while “you” marry once but keep three mistresses.

“When BJP starts losing ground, they go after Muslims…They say Muslims have more children; sometimes they said we marry twice. Yes, it’s true that we marry twice but give respect to both wives, but you marry one and keep three mistresses and no one gets to know. You give respect to none of them,” Shaukat Ali said.

He also referred to Mughal emperor Akbar’s marriage to Rajput princess Jodha Bai saying “we (Muslims) uplifted your people along with us” but now you are threatening us.

Shaukat Ali also called those who threaten Muslims “worms and insects” who used to bow before Mughal emperors.

“You are threatening us? We have ruled worms and insects like you for 832 years, and you used to do ‘ji huzoor’ with your hands folded at the back, and now you are threatening us,” he said.

“Who is more secular than us? Akbar married Jodha Bai. We are uplifting your people too along with us. But you have a problem. One sadhu says Muslims should be butchered. Why? Are we like carrots, radishes, onions?” he added.

Following massive outrage after his video went viral, Mr Ali, however, claimed he never referred to a particular community.

“Even if we marry 2 women, we give equal respect to them, some people marry once but have 3 wives outside and hide them from society. I was only talking about such men, I didn’t mention ‘Hindu’, my intention was not to hurt the sentiments of any community,” news agency ANI quoted him saying.


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