Bad breath: Mouth disease halitosis causes embarrassment, know its causes and treatment



If the mouth is not cleaned properly then it is bound to have bad smell in the mouth.
Due to the infection of bacteria, virus, fungus etc., bad breath can occur.

How to get rid of bad breath: Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. Bad breath can come due to many reasons. Although everyone has to face bad breath at one time or the other, but most of the people have it only occasionally, but some people’s mouth often stinks. If the bad breath does not go away for a long time, then it becomes chronic. That is, there is always a bad smell in the mouth. If the bad breath becomes chronic, then other parts of the body are also affected by it. Halitosis is a symptom of other diseases in a way. It means that your body is not working properly. The first meaning of this is that your oral hygiene is very bad. That’s why in order to treat bad breath, it is necessary to go to its root, because of which it is stinking.

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According to My Cleveland Clinic, one in four people in the world has to face bad breath at some point. According to a research, 31.8 percent people worldwide have faced halitosis. In halitosis, there is foul smell in the mouth which does not go away. This stench makes others feel very bad. Whenever a person with halitosis talks to another person, the other person smells it. This becomes a very uncomfortable situation.

causes of bad breath

  • oral hygiene– If the mouth is not cleaned properly, then it is bound to have bad smell in the mouth. Bad breath starts due to not brushing properly, not cleaning the teeth properly, avoiding dental cleaning. This can lead to cavities, gum disease.
  • dry mouthThe saliva or saliva present in the mouth cleans the mouth, but if for some reason the saliva becomes less and the mouth starts drying, then it starts to smell in the mouth. Smoking prevents the formation of sputum.
  • gasteroesophageal reflux disease– This is a digestive disease in which stomach acid or fluid starts leaking and comes up. This can also cause bad breath in the mouth.
  • due to some diseasesMouth cancer can also cause bad breath due to cancer of the mouth, neck cancer etc. Apart from this, gum disease, gingivitis, fever, bleeding, bacterial infection, periodontitis can also cause bad breath.
  • due to infectionDue to infection of bacteria, virus, fungus etc., bad breath can occur. Bad breath can also occur due to infection in the nose, throat and lungs.
  • diabetes– People who are suffering from diabetes, there is a high risk of gum related diseases. Its alala can also cause bad breath due to liver and kidney diseases.

Diagnosing Bad Breath
To remove the bad breath, first of all take care of oral hygiene. For this, brush in the morning and at bedtime. Keep cleaning the mouth with dental cleaner as well. It is also necessary to clean the tongue. Use alcohol free antibacterial mouthwash. Make sure to visit the dentist every six months or a year for a checkup. Drink enough water to avoid dry mouth. Chew sugar free chew gum to increase the saliva in the mouth. Sometimes cloves and cardamom were also chewed. If there is a feeling of bad smell in the mouth, then eat carrots and apples. Along with this, avoid cigarette, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine.

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