Be alert if you download software from Google, there is a danger of virus


We have to use google to download the software. But we would never have thought that downloading this software from Google comes with many risks. It is not us but the researchers who say so. Spamhaus’s volunteer told, ‘Threat researcher has seen malware coming through Google ads. This has increased significantly in the past months, including ‘malvertising’ what appear to be authentic downloads from tools such as Slack, Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client and the Tor browser.

Security firm Sentinel One identified some malicious loaders spread through Google ads, which researchers have collectively dubbed MalVirt. They say that the MalVirt loader is used to distribute malware such as XL Loader, which an attacker can use to steal data from an infected machine.

Google said- ‘It will be fixed soon.’
Google told Ars Technica in a statement that it is aware of the malvertising upticks. ‘Addressing this is an important priority, and we are working to resolve these incidents as quickly as possible’.

Giving an example, Ars Technica told that on searching ‘visual studio download’, a sponsor link is found by Google, on clicking which it downloadstudio[.]net is redirected to. The scary thing is that VirusTotal has maliciously pointed it out. Later the download provided by this site was detected as malicious by 43 anti-malware engines.

need to be careful
In the meantime, we hope that Google Ads can quickly eliminate this flow of malicious waves on its platform. Until Google itself takes a stand, people should be more careful when downloading software from Google and possibly other search sites.

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