Be careful when feet smell, these can be signs of serious diseases, do not be negligent at all



If the feet do not smell because of dirt, then it can be a symptom of serious diseases.
This vinegar-like smell coming from the feet is called bromodosis in medical language.

Smelly Feet Could Be Fatal Disease Symptoms: Many times it happens that as soon as we open our shoes after coming from outside, the bad smell spreads all around. Usually this problem occurs due to dirt or infection of the feet. But do you know that foot odor can also be a symptom of diabetes or kidney disease? Yes, this terrible stench coming from the feet is called Bromodosis in medical language. Actually, if your feet sweat a lot and it is very smelly, then excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. Which can be due to many reasons.

What is hyperhidrosis?
According to MyoClinic, hyperhidrosis is a common cause of sweating feet due to excessive activity, exercise, certain emotions or infections. But if this is not happening due to these common reasons, then it can be a symptom of serious diseases. Therefore, if the feet smell like vinegar without any reason, do not ignore it and immediately consult a doctor.

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Gives signs of these diseases
– diabetes
– Thyroid
– cancer
– nervous system disorder
Fungal infection
– low blood sugar
Menopause hot flashes
– Kidney diseases.

Due to these reasons also the smell comes from the feet
Many times there is a complaint of sweating and bad smell in the feet due to the use of pain relievers, diabetes medicines and hormonal medicines. However, due to this, there is excessive sweating in the whole body.

do this immediately
If your feet smell like vinegar, then you should take special care of hygiene first. Even after this, if the problem is not fixed, then do get a medical examination done.

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