Corona put pregnant women in danger, shocking results in research, harm to unborn child too



Women who had ever suffered from Kovid had developmental defects in their placenta.
Nerve damage and developmental problems were seen in females.

Corona damage fetus of pregnant women: Even after three years, Corona has made life difficult for the people. Corona has entered everyone’s life in some way or the other. Now a new study has claimed that women who were infected with Kovid-19 at the time of the epidemic are at serious risk to their unborn child. This thing is very disappointing for women because most of the women were infected with Corona during that time.

The researchers found in their study that women who were infected during the Kovid-19 epidemic had vascular lesions in their brain and other organs, i.e. nerve damage and developmental problems. Not only this, complications came to the fore in the fetus growing in the stomach of such women.

According to the news published in HT, research has said that different variants of corona damaged many parts of the body, but people who got infected before Omicron had to bear the brunt of it. It was found in the study that women who had corona in the early stages and after that became pregnant, their placenta was also damaged. This can have harmful effects on the unborn child. This study is published in Lancet Regional Health Europe.

Fewer complications in later infected women
Researchers at the Medical University of Vienna examined the placenta and fetus with MRI of pregnant women and found that women who had ever suffered from Kovid had developmental defects in their placenta. The study, however, also found that women who carried the Omicron variant had fewer complications. That is, women who were infected at the beginning of the epidemic had more complications in their pregnancy, women who were infected later had fewer complications in their pregnancy. Researchers said that women who are getting pregnant at the beginning of corona, should be examined from the beginning so that they can be treated in time. In earlier studies, complications were seen after the birth of the child, but for the first time in this study, its effect was also seen on the unborn child.

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