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The virus of Kovid-19 can remain on ready-to-eat items for several days.
This information has come out from a research by British scientists.
For this study, the virus equivalent to someone sneezing or coughing was sprayed on the goods.

New Delhi. The virus of Kovid-19 can remain on ready-to-eat items for several days. This information has come out from a research by British scientists. For this, scientists sprayed the virus on some food items like fruits, pastries and drinks. For this, he chose such things, which people could eat directly without washing and cooking. It has been told in the research report that this study was done specifically to get more information about the Kovid-19 virus.

According to a BBC news, the research team of the University of Southampton found that most food items show a significant decrease in the level of corona virus within 24 hours, while in some cases it can persist for weeks. Research has said that this research can prove to be very effective for highly contagious viruses like Sars-Cov-2 which can infect people by touching the infectious surface and through the face. The public may be interested to know how long this virus can survive on the surface of food and packaging materials under certain conditions.

don’t need much care
Along with this, scientists also tell that there is no need for shopkeepers to take extra precautions for this. Just whenever food items are taken, they should be washed thoroughly before use, hands should also be washed and cleaned. In this way the infection present on the surface of the goods gets cleaned. For this study, such food items were selected which are usually sold loose such as apples, chillies, cheese, ham, olives, crusty bread and bottled beverages. The same amount of virus was sprayed on these items, as can be released by someone sneezing or coughing. Anthony Wilson, who led the team that assessed this risk, said that in the early stages of the epidemic, it was not known how long the virus could survive on the surface of various food items. Therefore, the risk assessment was done keeping in mind the worst case scenario. With this research, we have been able to get additional information in the case of coronavirus that for how long it can remain on any food item or packaging product.

Virus did not last long on apple
For this test, scientists conducted experiments at different levels of temperature and humidity. Generally, the time of inactivation of the virus was seen in the condition in which food items are stored. In fresh fruits and vegetables, it was found that the virus remains longer in those products whose surface is not uniform, such as broccoli. Whereas on fruits with smooth surface like apple, it remained for less days. However, smooth surfaces like capsicum were an exception, as the virus was found in it for a few days. Scientists said about apple that a natural chemical is found on its surface, which breaks the upper surface of the virus. That’s why the virus can remain on it only for a few minutes or hours.

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virus remained on cheese and meat for a week
In the case of bakery items, scientists said that since egg batter is used during its preparation, the effect of corona virus on the pastry reduces after a few hours. Arachidonic acid is found in eggs, which has antiviral properties. Cheese and cold meats, which are high in protein and fat, may harbor the virus for a few days, possibly up to a week. While the Kovid-19 virus can survive on a plastic surface for up to a week. On the other hand, it remains a guest for a few hours only on an aluminum can.

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