Create your digital avatar in WhatsApp like this, learn step-by-step method here



Avatar feature has recently been introduced for WhatsApp
Avatar is actually a digital form of the user, which can be used in the app.
This feature is already available in Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

New Delhi. WhatsApp has recently launched the much awaited animated DP feature Avatar. This feature is now available for both iOS and Android. Through this feature, users can create their own animated DP (Display Picture). For this in the messaging app, users will also get a variety of hairstyles, facial features and combinations of outfits.

Let us tell you that this feature was first introduced for Facebook Messenger. Later, the option to create a digital avatar has been given in Instagram. Now finally it has been launched for WhatsApp.

Create your avatar in WhatsApp like this:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp then go to Settings and then tap on the avatar under the profile.

Second step: After this you will be redirected to the avatar creation page. From here you have to select color tone, hairstyle, hair colour, outfit, body type, eye shape and eye colour.

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Third step: After this you have to select the eye shape. You will also get the option of applying bindi on the forehead and selecting the shape of the nose with the piercing option.

Step 4: After this you will be able to select your mouth shape, its colour, face shape, face line and facial hair with marking option.

Fifth step: After this you have to select earring or goggle and finally tap on the save button. After this, WhatsApp will automatically create a sticker with the saved avatar.

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If you don’t like the avatar or want to create a new avatar again, you can delete the existing animated image:

  • For this you have to go to Settings.
  • Then you have to tap on Avatar > Delete Avatar >> Delete.

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