Do breathing exercise to reduce stress, know the right way



Stress is a serious problem.
Breathing exercises are a good way to get relief from stress.
To avoid stress, you can try exercises like deep breathing, anulom-vilom and box breathing.

Breathing exercises for stress: Stress is a serious problem. This is the mood disorder due to which a person remains unhappy and loses interest in every work. Due to this disease, the daily life of the patient is affected. It is believed that breathing exercises are the easiest and most effective way to relieve stress and reverse the stress response. If you make them a part of your life, then you can get a lot of benefits. There are many types of breathing exercises, some of which are commonly recommended, some of which are unique. But, all these exercises can help in managing stress. Know how to do breathing exercises to avoid stress

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breathing exercises to relieve stress
webmd According to (WebMD), most breathing exercises only take a few minutes. You can do these for ten minutes or you can do them for more time for more benefits. Breathing exercises to avoid stress are as follows:

Deep Breathing: To do deep breathing, sit in one place. Keep your back straight and keep one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Now take a deep breath through the nose. Hold your breath till the count of 5 and then slowly exhale. You will feel relaxed by doing this exercise.

Anulom-Vilom: This is a yoga asana, apart from stress, this exercise has many other benefits as well. To do this exercise, first sit at a place and keep your back straight. Now close one nostril with the little finger of one hand and breathe in and out through the other nostril. then repeat the process with the other hand

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Box Breathing: To do this exercise, you can either sit on a chair or lie down on the ground. Now take a deep breath in with a count of four seconds. After this, hold the breath for four seconds. Then, exhale slowly for a count of four seconds. While exhaling in this too, hold it for a few seconds and repeat this exercise.
You can easily do these breathing exercises, but keep in mind that doing exercises in the wrong way can also cause harm. Therefore, exercise only after taking advice from experts.

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