Don’t eat egg in 5 diseases even by mistake, it directly affects the heart, health can deteriorate!



In winter, many people like to eat eggs to keep the body warm.
Consuming more eggs can harm the body instead of benefiting.

Eggs Side Effects: Many people start their day with egg breakfast. Egg is an easy food rich in protein and vitamins which fills the body with energy. Although there are many properties in eggs and they are useful for keeping the body healthy, but in some of your diseases, eating eggs can prove to be very harmful. Many people start eating eggs in the winter season and sometimes their quantity becomes excessive which can directly harm our body. Along with this, the risk of increasing many diseases also arises.

Eating more eggs also affects our heart health. According to VoidotID, consumption of more eggs can sometimes become a cause of trouble for us. Too many eggs can also trigger many diseases.

Egg can increase these 5 problems

Cholesterol It is very important for the health of our heart that the level of cholesterol should always be under control. In such a situation, eating more eggs can increase the level of cholesterol in the body, due to which the risk of heart related diseases can increase significantly.

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Digestion Excessive consumption of eggs also affects our digestion system and after eating them, the digestive system can deteriorate. Eating eggs can sometimes lead to problems like indigestion, vomiting, nausea, headache, stomachache.

Insulin resistance Many people eat a lot of eggs at once in winter. It is consumed in omelette or after boiling it in any way. According to reports, eating more than 4 eggs in a day can have a very bad effect on the body. This increases the risk of triggering heart disease and with this the body can become insulin resistant.

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Skin problem After eating eggs, the problem of pimples appears on the face of many people. Actually this happens due to change in hormones after eating such an egg. Progesterone is present in the egg, along with this there is albumin in the white of the egg which is not easy to digest. Because of this many side effects are seen.

cancer – Regular consumption of eggs can also increase the risk of fatal diseases like cancer. According to Pubmeddotncbi, many studies have found that eating eggs increases the risk of other cancers including colorectal.

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