Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reacts To Cow’s Eyebrow Raise Video: “I Wasn’t Expecting That”


In the video, Dwayne Johnson’s eyebrow lift is compared to a cow’s.

The popular American actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson commented on a video that an Indian doctor had posted, and his tweet about it is now going viral. Rock’s eyebrow raise was compared to a cow’s on November 23 in a lighthearted, humorous video tweeted by Indian ayurvedic physician Ajayita. The video was well received by her followers, who responded enthusiastically. But one response that came from The Rock, a former WWE superstar, caught Dr. Ajaiita and her supporters off guard.

Dwayne Johnson retweeted the video today and wrote, “Ok, I was not expecting that from my moo cow friend.”

Following this retweet, the post became viral within an hour, approximately one million people have watched the currently trending video to date, and more are anticipated. More than 3,000 people have retweeted it, and almost 30,000 people have liked it.

Many people commented on it, complimenting The Rock and the doctor.

“What do you want now in your life? The legend himself tweeted this: Wow, what a great human being this man is. Since childhood, he has always been the best for me. And if you smell what the rock is cooking, you are with him always,” commented one user.

“Are you telling me a cow can do this effortlessly, and I’ve been trying this for 10 years with no success and blinking every time?,” wrote another user.

“The Rock, your post makes my day. I’ve been watching your movies since I was a kid, and Black Adam didn’t disappoint either. Thanks for your wholesomeness,” a third user wrote.

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