Eating these things with tea can damage the liver, you may have to face the problem of acidity for life.


Foods To Avoid Eating With Tea: Most of the people like to drink tea. There are many people who like to eat something or the other with tea. People often eat parathas, puris, pakoras, samosas, snacks or biscuits with tea. Many people have such a bad addiction to eating with tea that they like to sip tea even during lunch and dinner. But do you know that the habit of eating anything with tea can spoil your health.

In our daily routine life, we often eat such things with tea without thinking which are very harmful for health. Consuming wrong things with tea can damage your liver and also you can have acidity problem for life. For good health and fitness, you should also avoid consuming them…

French fries with tea: Many times it is seen that people like to eat french fries, burgers, pizza or fritters with tea. But, do you know that their consumption has a very bad effect on your liver. All these foods are full of fat, for which the liver has to work very hard to digest and this can reduce the life of the liver.

Consuming things with high salt: Consuming salt with tea is bad for health. Eating more salt with tea can cause water retention problems in the body. Eating canned or packed foods like chips, snacks or biscuits can increase the problem of fatty liver disease and obesity.

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Habit of tea with bread: Most people like to eat bread with tea in breakfast. But this habit of daily routine is very harmful for health. Eating bread with tea increases the sugar in the blood and at the same time it also causes the problem of fatty liver disease.

Harmful in things made from green vegetables: Foods which are made from green vegetables like paratha, pakora etc. drinking tea is harmful. Eating these two together makes it difficult for the liver to digest them, due to which you may have stomach problems.

Turmeric intake: Turmeric should never be consumed with tea. The properties of turmeric can react with tea and harm the stomach. Consuming these two together can cause acidity and bloating.

(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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