Elon Musk Says “The Simpsons” Predicted His Twitter Takeover


American sitcom “The Simpsons”has been credited for a lot of real life predictions.

Over the course of its 700 episodes, American sitcom “The Simpsons” has been credited for a lot of real life predictions- be it Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States, US Vice President Kamala Harris’ symbolic purple outfit or FIFA officials accused of wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering. Is “The Simpsons” truly able to see into the future and mine it for laughs, or is this all a random occurrence?

Now, interestingly the new CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk has revealed that the show hinted about his takeover of the microblogging platform. The 51-year-old billionaire tweeted on November 26, “Simpson’s predicts I buy Twitter S26E12.” Mr Musk posted a photo from the 26th season’s 12th episode, ‘The Musk Who Fell to Earth’, that appeared to make reference to his purchase of Twitter.

According to the New York Post, the episode begins with Lisa Simpson tending to a birdhouse with the words “Home Tweet Home” written on it. When she is feeding baby birds, a bald eagle swoops down and kills them. Mr Musk then arrives in his rocket ship as the eagle flies off into the distance. The eagle, a longtime emblem of the United States, is incinerated by aircraft fire.

“Brace yourselves, family. We are about to meet a being with intelligence far beyond ours,” Homer Simpson says before directing Bart to grab his baseball bat.

Musk takes off his space helmet and identifies himself: “Hello, I’m Elon Musk.” Homer hurls the bat at his head. Lisa yells, “Dad, no! Elon Musk is possibly the greatest living inventor.”

The Post further states, “The camera pans to a new technologically advanced birdhouse that has attracted several birds. “I guess humanity wants its change once birdhouse at a time,” Lisa says as Musk re-boards his ship.” 

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Since being shared, the billionaire’s tweet has received 2.6 lakh likes and 18,800 retweets. 

One user commented, “Personally, I think Elon bought Twitter because he saw it on an episode of The Simpsons. Change my mind.”

“Is the Simpsons actually predicting this stuff, or are people just getting all their ideas from the Simpsons?” said another user.

A third user said, “No one saw this coming.”

“Simpsons have predicted a lot of things .. some are pretty accurate like this one,” added a fourth. 

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