Google will launch its new AI on February 8, will compete with ChatGPT



Google is about to add artificial intelligence to its search engine.
On February 8, Google will organize an event related to search and AI.
With this, the methods of searching will be more comfortable than before.

New Delhi. Google’s tension has increased after the arrival of chatbot ChatGPT. Meanwhile, Google is soon going to add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its search engine to compete with ChatGPT. Meanwhile, information has been received that the company will organize a program on search and artificial intelligence on 8 February. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai had recently disclosed this planning.

Pichai had said that soon people will be able to search in experimental and innovative ways with the help of the most powerful models. According to the latest report of The Verge, Google is going to organize an event related to search and AI on 8 February. Information has been given in the invite of the event that by using AI, people’s search methods will be made more natural and comfortable than before.

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Earlier, Pichai had said that Google will adopt LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Application) as its language model for search. However, Google has not clearly mentioned about bringing a competitor to compete with ChatGPT. Apart from this, the company can also introduce some more tools in its app.

Number of users reached 100 million
Meanwhile, the number of users of ChatGpt has increased to 100 million in a month. Let us tell you that since the launch, the name of ChatGPT has been making a lot of headlines in the internet world. This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot is answering user questions. It gives a detailed answer instead of 10 links in response to a question like Google.

Google will deal with ChatGPT
It is believed that in the coming time, ChatGPT can completely eliminate the existence of Google. Google is now taking the help of AI to overcome this danger coming upon itself. It is believed that in the coming time, the Google company will also create a new chatbot equipped with AI technology.

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