Has the child got pneumonia or common cold? identify like this


New Delhi. In the winter season, most of the children suffer from cold and viral. However, where cold and flu become normal in a few days, pneumonia becomes fatal within just 4-6 days. Statistics show that every year thousands of children under the age of 5 die due to pneumonia. On the other hand, according to experts, children’s lives can be saved in pneumonia, but most of the cases are delayed. Due to lack of understanding of common cold and cold in children and non-recognition of pneumonia, timely treatment is not available and they lose their lives. In such a situation, it is necessary that after recognizing the initial symptoms of pneumonia, the children should be taken to the doctor immediately.

Chairman of Felix Hospital and Pediatrician Dr. DK Gupta It is said that as soon as winter starts, most of the children are found suffering from pneumonia in OPD. Since pneumonia is the main cause of death of children. In such a situation, identifying the symptoms of pneumonia in time and starting the treatment can save the children. Parents should take special care not to ignore pneumonia thinking it as common cold. Parents can identify pneumonia by noticing some things.

How to differentiate between pneumonia and common cold

This is how pneumonia happens


FIRST PUBLISHED : December 02, 2022, 14:07 IST


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