Horse gram is a storehouse of strength, dissolves kidney stones from the body, and is also beneficial in piles.



If horse gram is consumed then there will be no pain in piles.
Horse gram dal destroys kidney stones in the gall bladder.

Kulthi dal removes kidney stone: Black gram is a treasure of nutrients. The problem of kidney stone can be ended by regular consumption of horse gram. Along with this, weight can be reduced by consuming horse gram and diarrhea, piles, ulcers, irregular periods, cold, fever, etc. can also be treated. Cholesterol is also reduced by fennel pulse. In this way, horse gram is a nutritious food item which has the ability to fight against many diseases. A lot of fiber is found in black gram, which strengthens the digestive power.

Most protein is found in horse gram. 22 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of horse gram. Apart from this, many other types of nutrients are found. According to the news of TOI, horse gram contains sufficient amount of fiber which boosts metabolism. Due to the boost of metabolism, it also curbs obesity. Therefore it also strengthens the digestive system.

Benefits of Kulthi Dal

removes pilesAccording to the Fashionlady Health website, piles or piles are caused by inflammation of the veins of the rectum. In case of excessive pain, people take medicines to get relief from the pain, but if fennel seeds are consumed, then the pain caused by piles will not happen at all. If there is a problem of piles, then soak horse gram lentils in water overnight and drink this water in the morning. There will be relief from the pain of piles as soon as the morning comes.

kidney stone eliminationPhenolic Acid (Phenolic Compounds), flavonoids and tannins are found in horse gram. According to PubMed Journal, it has been proved in a study that phenolic acid is found in horse gram. According to the study, phenolic acid plays an important role in dissolving kidney stones. It destroys the kidney stone accumulated in the gall bladder. Along with this, horse gram also reduces uric acid.

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get rid of women problemsWomen have extremely painful pain related to periods. Horse gram gives relief from period pain in women. Along with this, corrects irregular periods. Along with this, consumption of horse gram also keeps women away from leucorrhoea. At the same time, even after delivery, consumption of horse gram is beneficial in women. Actually, there is a lot of iron in horse gram, due to which it does not allow anemia in women. Along with this, horse gram also increases the production of milk in women.

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