How many times and where has your Aadhaar been used? Follow these steps for details



Where and how many times you have used Aadhaar card, you can check it.
For this you have to visit the official website UIDAI.GOV.IN.
After this, going to the Aadhaar section, click on History, you can also download it.

New Delhi. In today’s time, Aadhaar card is being used in almost all kinds of works. This includes banking, school admission and pension. Apart from this, it is also needed to get any document made. Many times people knowingly or unknowingly give the information of Aadhaar card to those people who use it wrongly. Do you know how many times and where your Aadhaar card has been used? It is very easy to get information about it.

If you also feel that someone else is using your documents in a wrong way, then you can do it very easily. For this you just have to follow some methods. Let us now tell you how you can prevent other people from using your Aadhaar.

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Visit the official website of Aadhaar
To get any kind of information related to Aadhaar, you can visit its official website UIDAI.GOV.IN. Apart from this, apart from viewing the history of Aadhaar, you can also download it. If you feel that someone else is misusing it, then you can complain about it by seeing its information on the website. Not only this, you can also use mask Aadhaar card to avoid this.

what is a mask aadhar card
To avoid misuse of Aadhaar, many people use mask Aadhaar. You can download it from the official website. Apart from this, you can also unlock it to use it for some time. For this, go to the website and click on Aadhaar Lock and Unlock. You can also lock it forever. After this, when you need it, you will be able to unlock it for some time.

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Check Aadhaar History like this
1- First search UIDAI.GOV.IN in Google Chrome browser.
2- After visiting the website, click on the side bar.
3- Now go to Aadhaar service by clicking on My Aadhaar.
4- After scrolling down, click on Aadhaar authentication history.
5- After entering the Aadhaar number here, enter OTP and click on Get History.
6- Now you can check where you have used it.
7- After scrolling down to download history, click on Download Aadhaar History.

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