How many types of cooktops are there and how do they work, know everything



Domestic or commercial LPG cylinders are lit by attaching them to a regulator.
Commercial cook-tops also come in gas only. The basic difference between this and domestic is of size.
It has inbuilt exhaust ventilation due to which there is no cook-top heat.

New Delhi. There was a time when food was cooked only by burning wood in our country, but for this also a stove was made by smearing mud. In that manner, the woods were cut into small pieces and set. There was a lot of smoke from this stove, due to which usually the stoves were made in big courtyards only. But when the cities started developing, due to the paucity of space, having a courtyard became a luxury and lighting an earthen stove also became a time-consuming task in itself.

From here LPG gas-powered cook-tops started and then day by day there was such development in the method of cooking that today we have more than one cooking options. There are such cook-tops in which the food that is cooked in two hours can be cooked in 20 minutes and there are such cook-tops in which the food is hot but the utensil still remains cold. Let’s know like this 5 About Cook Tops

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LPG gas cook-top
First of all, let’s talk about LPG gas-powered cook-top, which is usually present in all of our homes. In this, a domestic or commercial LPG cylinder is lit by attaching it to a regulator. Its cost is very less and the cost of cylinder refilling in a month comes around Rs.1000. Pipe lines are also present for gas refilling in metro cities. To start this domestic cook-top, the help of electric lighter is taken. New gas cook-tops are also coming with in-build lighter in which the gas cook top will light up as soon as the knob is turned.

commercial cook-top
Commercial cook-tops also come in gas only. The basic difference between this and the domestic cook-top is of size. In this, the stove size is available up to 60 inches wide. In this, the number of cook-tops can be from 6 to 8. Due to excessive heat in this commercial cook-top, it is necessary to install exhaust or chimney.

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electric cook-top
In contrast, the electric cook-top has an electronic coil which gets heated by the current. This heat heats the utensil and the cooking starts. In this, the power consumption can be very high and after long cooking, the cook-top remains hot even after it is closed, which can cause an accident if it is touched by mistake.

induction cook-tops
Now induction cook-tops have come in the market. Its specialty is that neither the top nor the utensil gets very hot, but your food gets cooked very quickly. This is possible because induction cook-tops work by electronic radiation. In this, even a little bit of heat does not come on the top, but reaches directly to the food kept inside the pan or utensil placed on the top and it takes up to 40% less time to cook. At the same time, it is the best cook-top for boiling as it takes only 20% time as compared to gas top. But to use it, special induction utensils have to be taken. Utensils with normal aluminum or iron base cannot be used in this.

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downdraft cook-top
Downdraft cook-top is a completely new kind of cook-top. It can be used for both gas or electric. Its specialty is that it has inbuilt exhaust ventilation, due to which there is no cook-top heat. This cook-top is best for homes that have an open kitchen and don’t have extra space for ventilation. This cook-top can be found in options ranging from 3 to 6 tops.

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