How much time do you spend on Facebook in a day? You can ask for the report of the whole week from the company



You can check the average amount of time you have spent on Facebook.
To get rid of Facebook addiction, a timer can be set.

People on Facebook keep doing something or the other throughout the day. Many times we spend hours scrolling and we do not even realize how much time has passed. But have you ever thought that how much time do you spend on Facebook? If not then think now because know more. Yes it is possible, you can ask for full report from Facebook that how much time you spend in a day, and how much time you waste in a week.

Let us tell you that there is such a feature in Facebook itself, through which users can easily check how much time has been spent on Facebook on an average. The good thing is that such a feature has also been provided in the app, so that users can set an alert by setting a limit. Let us know where is this feature in Facebook and how does it work…

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There is a feature called ‘Your Time on Facebook’ in Facebook. Both Android and iOS users can check it. Let us know by following which steps you can also check how much time you have spent.

1- For this, first open your Facebook profile.

2- On scrolling down in this, the user will get the option of ‘More’.

3-After this click on the option of Settings and Privacy.

4- Now ‘Time per Day’ will appear in front of you, in which it will be written that how much time you spend on an average throughout the day.

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Can set Time
Apart from this, if you are addicted to Facebook. That is, if you just keep scrolling on Facebook without any reason, then you can set a limit, which will remind you that your time is up. That is, you will get the notification.

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