How safe is exercise and chemotherapy for cancer patients, know the important thing



During chemotherapy the body could be more vulnerable.
To deal with chemotherapy, you can do breathing exercises.
Anemia also occurs during therapy.

Is Exercise And Chemotherapy Safe: Cancer is such a deadly disease, which if not treated in time, can be dangerous for the patient. Chemotherapy is used to burn cancer cells. This treatment prevents the cells from spreading to other parts of the body. However, this treatment is very painful and unbearable, which not every patient can tolerate. Person’s body is excessively weak during chemotherapy and falls away. Although chemotherapy can get rid of cancer, but it also has many side effects such as hair loss, blisters in the mouth, wounds in the body and difficulty in eating.

Exercise can be an effective way to deal with the problems that occur during chemotherapy. Let us know how safe chemotherapy and exercise are.

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side effects of chemotherapy
Cancer affects millions of people every year. The American Cancer Society has estimated that 610,000 people will die of cancer in 2021. According to Medical News Today There are many ways to treat cancer such as surgery and chemotherapy. Although the treatment of cancer depends on its stage. Chemotherapy is a successful treatment but it has many side effects. Fatigue, vomiting, hair loss, mouth ulcers and anemia can occur during chemotherapy.

Exercise during and after chemotherapy
Light exercise during chemotherapy can be beneficial for the heart and other organs. If breathing exercises are done along with chemotherapy, burning sensation, pain and shortness of breath can be reduced. This can also give strength to the body. The patient should avoid doing more physical activity. Exercising during chemotherapy is not easy but it can be practiced with the help of experts.

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keep these things in mind
,Only light exercise should be done during or after chemotherapy.
,Breath related exercises can be more beneficial.
,Avoid doing heavy physical activity during this time.
,Do not exercise without doctor’s advice.
,Do not exercise if there is more problem.
Cancer treatment is very painful. In such a situation, light exercise can be done to give rest to the body. Consult a doctor before exercising.

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