Hyderabad Teen Hangs Puppy From Tree, Throws Another From 4th Floor


The puppy just before it was thrown from a 4th floor of a building in Hyderabad


Video recordings of animal brutality have emerged from Hyderabad’s Kattedan area.

An unidentified teen was seen hanging a puppy on a tree with a rope and throwing another from the fourth floor.

In one of the videos, a puppy can be seen tied to a rope around its neck, and later hung on a tree.

In the other video, the teen shows the face of the puppy, takes it to the edge of the fourth-floor and flings it in the air. He later takes a video of the dead pup on the ground.

The incident was reported to two non-profits, Stray Foundation for Animals, and Citizen for Animal Foundation, after which the founders Adulapuram Gowtham and Pridhvi Teja reported the incident to the police in Mailardevpally.

Pridhvi and Adulapuram said the teen consumed drugs and they believe it is under the influence that he brutally killed the puppies. NDTV also accessed the teen’s social media account where he not only published videos of the dogs, but also syringe and drugs.

A first information report, or FIR, has been filed. He faces up to five years in jail.

“The teen has been identified as a 19-year-old. He could not be arrested because he is a psychiatric patient,” Mailardevpally Circle inspector P Madhu said.

The police said the teen has been counselled; however, the consumption of drugs is being currently probed by the narcotics department.

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