If you enjoy the sun in the winter season, then keep this in mind, lest the skin gets damaged



We get Vitamin D from sunlight, which is beneficial for our body.
Being exposed to sunlight for a long time in winter can be harmful.
This increases the risk of skin damage.

Skin in winter. Sitting in the sun in winter is nothing less than a pleasant experience. This sunlight heats our body. Not only this, we also get Vitamin D from it, which is very beneficial for our health. That’s why the sun’s rays are not always harmful for us. But, if you are exposed to sunlight for a long time, then it can increase the chances of skin damage. The harmful rays of the sun can cause problems like fine lines, wrinkles, freckles in the skin. Due to which the signs of aging start appearing before time. It is not that you should not enjoy the winter sun to protect your skin from damage. But, take special care that it does not cause any harm to your skin.

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Know how to protect skin from winter sun?
WebMD According to the Sun’s harmful rays damage the fibers of the skin, which are called elastin. Due to their damage, there is a lot of damage to the skin. In winter, you can protect your skin from damage in this way:

use sunscreen: Whenever you are going to go in the sun, do not forget to use sunscreen. While buying it, make sure that this sunscreen is of SPF 30.

Avoid Learning Outside in the Afternoon: Afternoon sunlight is very harmful, so if possible avoid going out from 11 in the afternoon to 4 in the evening. If you are going out during this time, cover yourself completely. Choose morning time only to sit in the sun.

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cover yourselfWhenever you go out, cover yourself completely, wear a shirt with full sleeves, cover your head and also wear glasses. This can protect your skin from harmful sunlight.
Avoid coming in contact with the harmful rays of the direct sun while sunbathing in winter. If you have any problem with this then immediately consult a doctor.

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