Larry, Cat At UK PM’s Home, Tickles Twitter


Larry the Cat was brought to 10 Downing Street 11 years ago.

Since being brought to 10 Downing Street 11 years ago, Larry the Cat has garnered a significant fan following. The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet office, who is known for making witty remarks on the current happenings in British politics on Twitter, has now answered some of the questions asked by his admirers.

Now that Indian-origin Rishi Sunak has taken charge as the new Prime Minister of the UK, Larry the Cat has clarified that he is not his cat. “No I’m not “Rishi Sunak’s cat”, the Twitter handle of the “Chief Mouser” wrote alongside a picture of the cat at Downing Street lectern.

Larry the Cat, who has been a resident of the famous London house during the terms of several PMs, quipped, “I live here permanently, politicians are temporary residents”. He further said, “Some of them are very temporary”.

Referring to Mr Sunak, the Chief Mouser wrote, “I agree, he’s not off to a great start”. Further, Larry the Cat addressed another question and said, “No, I have not found his wallet. Yet”.

Larry the Cat’s answers elicited some amusing responses from users on Twitter.

One user reminded the Chief Mouser of the new dog, Nova, brought by Mr Sunak as his pet.

Another said, “Dogs have masters- Cats have staff.”

Some users had more questions. “But about the critical political questions: are you getting caviar and lobster on your meals? I don’t mind the recession and eating beans on toast as long as I know the priorities of public spending are set right… The best for Larry!” a person wrote.

A person asked, “Are you getting sufficient treats? And if not, what is your favourite treat and what address should people send treats to?”

The questions for Larry the Cat seem to be never-ending.

“Keep trying, Larry. The wallet must be fairly big,” a comment read.

So, do you have any questions for Larry the Cat?

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