Loan will be available on WhatsApp in 30 seconds, get rid of the hassle of document, know how?



WhatsApp users can now easily avail loans on the platform.
Fintech company CASHe is giving loans to Indian users on WhatsApp.
For this you will not have to give any document nor will you have to fill any form.

New Delhi. If you need urgent money, now you can take a loan on WhatsApp in a jiffy. Indian users using the instant messaging app can now avail loans on the platform in a jiffy. For this you will neither have to give any document nor will you have to fill any form. Actually, a fintech company CASHe is giving instant loans to Indian users on WhatsApp. For this facility, the company has recently partnered with chatbot solution provider Jio Haptik.

To take a loan on WhatsApp, users will be able to easily get a loan within 30 seconds without doing much. Explain that CASHe has its own system to complete KYC. It features Jio Haptik advanced conversational commerce capability. Once the user is verified, the company can give loan to the users very easily.

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CASHe only needs the name of the user, which is registered on his PAN card, to do the background check. To avail the loan, users need to connect with CASHe through a dedicated number on WhatsApp.

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More than 50,000 users got loans
Through CASHe, WhatsApp users can get a very convenient experience, as it will remove the hassle of getting them credit. In this regard, CASHe co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Swapan Rajdev said that since the company went live with its WhatsApp chatbot, CASHe has issued over 50,000 credit lines worth over Rs 25 crore.

How to join CASHe users
He said that the best thing about this partnership between the two companies is that the user who needs credit will no longer have to leave the platform. Also, users can easily get instant credit through CASHe on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Chatbot is the one-stop, end-to-end solution for young professionals. Users can connect with CASHe on WhatsApp at +918097553191.

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