Maharashtra Girl Jumps Out Of Auto To Escape Harassment


The incident took place on Sunday.


A 17-year-old girl in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad suffered a severe head injury after she jumped off a speeding autorickshaw to escape sexual harassment. The autorickshaw driver has been arrested and he has been charged under the stringent Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

CCTV footage from a shop captured the moment the girl jumped off the autorickshaw on a busy road. A car narrowly missed her, swerving at the last minute.

Pedestrians were seen helping the girl.

The incident took place on Sunday.

According to reports, the girl took the autorickshaw after her tuition classes. The auto driver, Syed Akbar Hameed, started asking general questions but gradually made obscene remarks that scared the teen, compelling her to jump off even after the driver accelerated.

The girl is being treated at a local hospital. The auto driver was arrested after the police traced his location with the help of 40 CCTVs at the road.

Hameed is a resident of Mumbai. He had moved to Aurangabad four-five months ago and drove a rented autorickshaw, the police said.


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