Mayonnaise is useful not only for eating but also for killing lice, know how



Mayonnaise can be used to kill lice.
Mayonnaise is mixed with other things and applied.
Mayonnaise can be applied by mixing it with coconut oil.

Mayonnaise Use To Kill LiceYou would love to eat mayonnaise with pasta and momos, but have you ever used mayonnaise to kill lice. One can get rid of lice only by using it once or twice. Mayonnaise is not only effective as a dip or dressing, but it is also a popular remedy for killing head lice. Using mayonnaise for head lice sounds a bit strange but many people use it. After all, what happens in Mennonites that kills lice and how does it work on lice. Let’s know about it.

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Is mayonnaise really effective
Mayonnaise can help eliminate head lice. by There is no scientific proof of this, but it has been seen in many cases. Mayonnaise, which is known as Mayo, is made of vegetable oil, vinegar, and egg yolk. One possible reason for the death of the lice is that mayo acts as a suffocating agent. Mayonnaise is applied on the head for about 12 hours, which kills the lice, but it can be ineffective in eliminating the nits. Lice can remain in the hair for up to six months and can cause re-infection.

How to use mayonnaise

mayonnaise and coconut oil
Mayonnaise and coconut oil can cause suffocation of the lice, due to which the lice can die. To apply it on the head, mix mayonnaise and coconut oil in a bowl. Then apply this mixture well on the scalp and hair. After applying, wear a cap on your head and leave it on your hair for 12 hours or overnight. Clean the mayonnaise by shampooing on the second day. Combing removes lice from the hair.

Mayonnaise, Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil can play an important role in killing lice. To make this mixture, put mayonnaise, vinegar and tea tree oil in a bowl and mix it well. Then apply it well on the hair and scalp. Leave it like this for two to three hours. Then shampoo and clean the hair thoroughly. This process can be repeated 2-3 times a week.

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take these precautions
, Use a tight-fitting shower cap for this.
, After washing hair, use a lice comb to remove the nits.
, Overnight Remedy should not be used on children.
, Always use full fat mayo only.
Menonise can also be used to kill lice along with eating. But it should be used with utmost care.

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