Meet The Woman From Texas Who Holds The Record For Largest Shoe Size


Ms Herbert is 6 feet 9 inches tall and has always been taller and larger than her peers.

A woman in Texas, United States, has created a record by having the world’s largest feet on a living person (female) with her right foot measuring 33.1 cm (13.03 inches) and a left foot measuring 32.5 cm (12.79 inches), as per the Guinness World Records. Depending on the brand, Tanya Herbert’s shoe size is US women 18 or US men’s 16-17.

GWR mentions that Ms Herbert is 6 feet 9 inches tall and has always been taller and larger than her peers. “By high school her feet had reached the record-breaking size they are today,” their official website states. 

Speaking to GWR, Ms Herbert said, “Growing up I was always the tallest around. My mom was 6 ft 5 in and my dad is 6 ft 4 in so I had no choice but to be tall.” She said that she didn’t think of being taller as a bad thing since her parents gave her a very healthy self-esteem. 

“I never remember getting bullied or anything like that for my height. My friends actually took great care of me to make sure I was loved and liked,” she continued.

Given her height and huge feet size, she could not find any shoes for women in that size so she ended up wearing men’s shoes for most of her life. “I would always wear tennis shoes or men’s loafers and they were not always the cutest thing when trying to dress cute for school!,” she remarked. 

Ms Herbet used social media to connect with other women who were facing the same issue and devised ways to create her feminine shoes. She said that she would buy the largest shoes available on the internet. “I would buy some of the largest shoes I could find online and manipulate those to extend them out a little longer and make them a little wider so that they would fit my feet,” she told GWR. 

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Presently, the world record holder is paying attention and helping women with large feet to find proper shoes at affordable prices. Ms Herbert told GWR, “Women struggle with size 12 or 13, trying to find shoes, and I’m size 18. You can find men’s size shoes (that are that size) easily but trying to find women’s shoes is impossible or extremely unaffordable.”

She continued, “Being a world record holder may open doors that I may not have been able to get into beforehand. I want to be a spark to the shoe manufacturing industry!”

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