Monkey Hugs Its Best Friend Cat, Internet Says “Friendship Goals”


The Internet loved the video and their bond

If you love watching animal videos on social media, then this video of a monkey and a cat will surely make your day. The short clip captures the unlikely friendship between a monkey and a cat. The video demonstrates the bond between the two animals, the monkey can be seen hugging its best friend, cat in the video.

The 7-second video shows a monkey walking towards the cat, while the feline wags its tail. Further in the video, the monkey gives the cat a warm hug and a kiss. The video has sent the internet into a meltdown.

Posted by a Twitter user Buitengebieden, the video has amassed more than 160,000 views on the internet. Along with the clip, the caption reads, “Best friends.”

Watch the video here:

The Internet loved the video and their bond, a user wrote, “Friendship goals.” Another user commented, “If only we accepted each other in this way! The world would be such a better place! This is why I love animals.”

The third user wrote, “Aww he just kissed that kitty.” “I particularly like the way the spider monkey telegraphs his impending hug fest by 1st wrapping his tail around the feline’s neck,” the fourth expressed.

Meanwhile, another video of a dog asking its human for attention went viral on the internet. In the video, a man is busy working on his computer when the dog climbs onto his lap and kept staring at his human with puppy eyes. When the man looks at the pooch, he plants a kiss and the dog hugs its human.

Posted by Buitengebieden on Twitter, the video is receiving a lot of love on the internet. Along with the 13-second clip, the caption read, “Working from home.”

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