Neck pain can be caused by bad posture and thyroid, these 3 home remedies are effective, you will get immediate relief



Most of the people suffer from neck pain due to bad posture.
Neck pain can also be a sign of many diseases including thyroid.

Neck Pain Home Remedies: Often working in front of the laptop for hours makes the muscles around our neck stiff and pain starts to be felt if there is no treatment. Due to this pain, everyday work is greatly affected, while if it remains for more days, the pain can become unbearable. But do you know that the neck pain which you are considering as a normal thing can actually be a symptom of thyroid enlargement, heart problem or any other health problem. Yes, often we consider bad posture as the cause of neck pain, whereas there can be many dangerous reasons for it.

Common causes of neck pain

According to Healthline, neck pain is usually caused due to common reasons like bad posture, stress, muscle tension, osteoarthritis, nerve disc pressure, sprain, spinal injury, depression etc. You can resort to stretching, lifestyle changes and medicines etc. to prevent neck pain from being prolonged.

Neck pain can be a sign of these diseases

Meningitis means inflammation of the fluid and three membranes around the brain and spinal cord.
Tonsillitis means infection in the tonsils.
Having common cold or flu.
Infection with herpes virus.
Thyroid conditions, which can lead to thyroiditis (inflammation of the gland).
Heart disease or heart attack can also cause neck pain.

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3 home remedies for neck pain

learning from hot and cold If there is swelling on the neck, apply a compress on that place once with hot water and then compress it with ice. Do this continuously for some time. Gradually the muscles will relax and the pain will be relieved.

Do stretching If there is pain in the neck then you can get relief with the help of stretching technique. But it would be better if you take the help of an expert for this. Otherwise the pain can also increase.

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give rest Do not do those activities which cause tension or strain in the muscles around your neck. Do not lift weights and do not do much movement. If you still do not get relief, consult a doctor.

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