Newborn children are also victims of acne, do not ignore these symptoms



Red rash can be seen on the skin.
Sometimes the rash may be itchy.
Rashes can be caused by bacteria or infection.

Symptoms Of Baby Acne: It is common for teenagers to have acne, but its symptoms can also be seen in newborns. Pimples in children are called neonatal cephalic pustulosis. There is no specific reason for acne in children, but it can be due to some kind of infection or bacteria. There is no pus in these pimples, they appear as red pimples on the face or hands. Generally, baby acne gets cured on its own, but if itching or redness increases in them, then it is necessary to get treated. This problem can happen to one out of five children. The problem of baby acne is more for children of 2 to 12 months. But in some cases this problem can be seen for 5 years.
Although these types of acne are harmless, but ignoring their symptoms can also increase the problem. Let us know about their symptoms.

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Red Rashes
The skin of newborn babies is very delicate and soft. They can easily get any type of infection. cleveland clinic According to the baby acne can be more in children of 2 to 12 months. At this age, the skin of children is sensitive, which easily accepts any infection. Red rashes can appear on the skin of children due to acne. Which are generally pus free.

cheeks may turn red
In case of acne, the skin of children appears red. Many times acne is not raised but red patches can definitely appear on the skin. These patches are dry, their skin can also come out in the form of flakes.

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product allergy
Baby acne can be due to many reasons. Out of which the important reason is allergy to any skin or baby product. If you are allergic to any product, there may be skin rash, rashes and itching. Many times this problem can also be seen on underarm and underthighs. Which cannot be ignored.
The problem of acne in newborns is sometimes caused by bacteria and infection. Taking proper care of which is very important. Must consult a doctor in case of acne.

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