On Camera, Man Dumps Head Of Stepfather Killed With Mother’s Help


The accused disposed of the body in various parts of Delhi.

New Delhi:

Another CCTV footage has surfaced where the accused in the grisly east Delhi murder is seen disposing of the body parts of the victim, police sources have said. The grainy black and white footage shows a man picking up a plastic bag from what appears a field and walking away with it. Sources said it was Deepak, disposing of the head of his stepfather, Anjan Das.

Deepak and his mother Poonam had planned and executed the murder of her second husband in June. In a chilling similarity with the Shraddha Walkar murder case, the body of Anjan Das was hacked into pieces and stored in the refrigerator.  

Later, Deepak had disposed of the remains in various parts of Delhi. Their movements were recorded in the CCTV cameras of the area.

The police said Poonam was furious with her husband after she found that he sold her jewellery and sent the money to his former wife, who lived with their eight children in Bihar. She then hatched the murder plot with Deepak, her son from an earlier marriage.  

Both Poonam and Deepak were arrested after the police stumbled upon the murder during the investigation of the Shraddha Walkar case. Some of the body parts recovered from parts of Delhi were found to belong to a man. CCTV footage showed a man and a woman disposing of the body parts.

During their investigation, the police found that Anjan Das, a resident of Pandav Nagar, has been missing for months. But his family had not filed any complaint.

The police said Poonam and Deepak have confessed that they murdered Das in June. His drink was spiked and once he was unconscious, he was stabbed, the police said. They let the body drain blood through the night, then hacked into 10 pieces and stored them in the fridge. The police have so far recovered six body parts.


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