Passenger Posts Photo Of “Dental Implant” In British Airways Meal On Twitter, Airline Responds


The image showed what appeared to be a dental implant wrapped in a white napkin.

A woman aboard a British Airways flight has alleged that she found a “dental implant” in her meal served on her flight from London to Dubai. The passenger who goes by the name of Ghada El-Hoss on Twitter said that she was on flight BA107 travelling from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when she made the discovery. She tweeted British Airways about the incident on Sunday, with a photo attached of her meal for reference. 

“@British_Airways still waiting to hear from you regarding this dental implant we found in our food on flight BA107 from London to Dubai on Oct. 25 (we have all our teeth: it’s not ours). This is appalling. I also can’t get through to anyone from your call center,” Ms Ghada said on Twitter. 

Take a look below: 

The gruesome image showed what appeared to be a dental implant wrapped in a white napkin. It is pictured alongside an in-flight meal consisting of rice and some vegetables. 

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British Airways was quick to respond to the passenger’s tweet. “Hi, there, we’re really sorry to see this!” the airline said on the same day Ms Ghada posted. “Did you give our cabin crew your details for our Customer Relations team to contact you? For security, please send us any personal details by DM,” British Airways added. 

Speaking to The Independent, the airline also said that they have been in touch with the customer directly to apologise and ask for further details so that authorities could investigate. 

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a number of users weighed in. “Unbelievable but if true then disgusting,” wrote one user. “Can I see more of it? I’m a dental implant specialist and I’m really curious,” said another. “This made my day. Looks like a corn kernel,” commented a third. 

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