Rajasthan Thieves Arrive In Car To Steal Lightbulbs


Thieves were caught on camera arriving in a car to steal bulbs.

Thanks to surveillance cameras, several videos capturing petty thefts and robberies become a subject of discussion on social media. In Rajsthan’s Nawalgarh, thieves were caught on camera arriving in a car to steal lightbulbs. The 1 minute and 20-second video show two people getting down from a white Alto car, to steal bulbs. The others are seen seated inside the car.

When the first attempt to grab the bulbs from a shop is unsuccessful, the thieves move toward the next shop. One of them picks up a chair, stands on it, and steals the bulb. The incident happened around 1:30 am on Sunday in Kolsia village in the Nawalgarh police station area of Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu.

Shop owner Mahendra Doot was awakened from his sleep due to the noises made by the thieves. He stepped outside to find out the reason behind the noise. Hearing him come close, the thieves got into the car and fled the spot. Talking to NDTV, Mr Doot said that he heard someone trying to smash the shutter of the adjoining shop and came out of his room to check the source. He suspected that the thieves were trying to break into the other shop, while simultaneously noticing that the light bulbs of his shop were gone.

It is likely that the thieves had come only to steal the bulbs. There were also speculations about whether they were trying to steal all the bulbs in order to break the locks of nearby shops by darkening the main road. A police report regarding the theft has been filed.


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