Start of summer, check these 4 things before buying a new fan, otherwise you will regret later…



It is very important to look at the budget for buying any electronic item or gadget.
Fan efficiency and airflow are the most important things to check in a new fan.

The winter season is slowly coming to an end. The sound of heat has started happening now. People find different ways to stay cool in summer. Some people install AC, some cooler. But along with this, ceiling fans are definitely there in all the houses. If the ceiling fan is not used in cold weather, then there is a possibility of some fans getting damaged, and many people would be looking for a fan for their new house.

Usually people go to the store and buy the fan after seeing the design. But today we are telling you about some such things which you must keep in mind while buying a ceiling fan…

Budget: It is very important to look at the budget to buy any electronic item or gadget, because according to that you will be able to buy any item. If your budget is low, then you can buy traditional ceiling fans, which come with budget friendly and basic models.

Location: Buying a ceiling fan depends on the space and area of ​​the room in which you are planning to install the fan. For example, if you are planning to buy a ceiling fan for your hall or living room, then you should buy something that covers all the space.

Living room is a room where you spend most of your time watching TV or doing other activities. You should definitely buy a fan that can circulate air to all corners of the room.

Fan Size- Ceiling fans are available in many different sizes and they range from 14 inches to 72 inches wide. However, choosing the right fan depends on the size which can be calculated on the square footage and height of your room.

Fan Efficiency & Airflow: Fan efficiency and airflow are of paramount importance and the main reason behind what we look for in a ceiling fan. The motor is the heart of any ceiling fan, as it determines airflow and efficiency. That is the reason, we are suggested to the customers to keep the motor in mind rather than the design.

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