These 5 foods create havoc in the stomach, swell up and become ‘drum’, do not consume these even by mistake



Masoor dal is a very nutritious food item, but for some people it can be the cause of bloating.
Most beans contain a sugar called alpha-galactoside, which causes bloating.

Stomach Bloating Reasons Food To Avoid: Flatulence or bloating in the stomach is a big problem due to which the mind becomes very upset. This also affects the quality of life. If there is bloating in the stomach, then health is also affected because due to bloating, the problem of gas occurs, apart from this, the absorption of nutritious elements from food is also not done properly. Some foods are mainly responsible for bloating. Although these foods harm everyone or cause bloating, it is not necessary. In such a situation, people should stay away from bloating food.

About 30 percent of people have to go through the phase of bloating in one way or the other. Actually, the body of these people is not able to tolerate some food. They also get allergic to these foods. Excessive acidity and gas after bloating bothers a lot. That’s why it becomes necessary to change the diet. So let’s know about 5 foods that can cause bloating.

5 foods that cause bloating
1. BeansAccording to the news of Healthline, a lot of carbohydrates, fiber and carbohydrates are found in beans. Along with this, many types of vitamins and minerals are also found. A sugar called alpha-galactoside is found in most beans. Actually, this sugar starts fermenting with the help of bacteria in the intestine. A lot of gas is produced as its byproduct, which causes the problem of bloating.

2. LentilsMasoor dal is a very nutritious food item. Sufficient amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals etc. are present in it, but due to excessive fiber, it can cause gas in some people.

3. Carbonated Drinks-Carbonated drinks means soda, cold drinks etc. can cause gas problem in the stomach due to which the stomach gets bloated. Carbonated drinks contain a lot of carbon dioxide, which itself is a gas. If a large amount of drink enters the stomach, it becomes the cause of gas.

4. CauliflowerCauliflower is also a very beneficial vegetable. Many types of antioxidants are found in it which helps in fighting many diseases. Despite this it is not right for some people. Cauliflower makes alpha-galactoside compound by going into the intestine due to which gas is produced.

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5. Onion– Without onion, the taste of delicious vegetable fades, but onion makes some people’s stomach bloated. Fructose is found in onions. It is a type of fiber that can produce gas. Some people may have problems with onions. Because his stomach cannot tolerate onions.

what is the substitute of these food
If there is bloating in the stomach due to beans and lentils, then soak them first, then cook them and then consume them. Do not consume carbonated drinks in excess. Instead, eat gluten free things. On the other hand, if gas is produced from cauliflower, then you can consume spinach, cucumber, sweet potato etc. instead. To overcome the problems caused by onion, use onion substitute such as various spices or onion powder.

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