These 5 things are no less than poison in piles, it becomes difficult to bear the pain, but the remedy is easy



Meat in piles further aggravates the disease. Especially red meat.
Cheese is very harmful for piles.

Worst Foods for Haemorrhoids: Piles or piles is caused by swelling in the veins of the anus. It is a very painful disease in which the sufferer is in unbearable pain. Although most people have the problem of piles, but only a few people show its symptoms. In people who have piles problem, a wart-like lump comes out around their anus. It causes itching, pain and many other problems. The biggest thing is that our food and drink is mainly responsible for increasing the pain of piles. Actually, there are some foods which are like poison in piles. Consuming these foods not only increases the complaint of piles, but also causes other problems.

In fact, when there is too much stress on the lower part of the waist due to any reason, then the symptoms of piles start appearing. Constipation is mainly responsible for this. Our diet is responsible for constipation. In such a situation, some food is like poison to keep the piles under control. They should not be consumed at all.

foods that increase piles

white breadAccording to the news of WebMD, white bread is like poison for piles. Toast, biscuits, sandwiches etc are made from white bread. That is, the pain of piles increases a lot by eating things made of white flour.

According to the report, cheese is very harmful for piles. Means consumption of fast food is like poison for piles. Fast food means cheese is used a lot in food like pizza-burger. That’s why things made of cheese should not be eaten at all.

Dairy products
According to WebMD, the complaint of piles also increases with dairy products. Means milk is also harmful for piles. Sweets made of milk should also be consumed carefully.

meat-Meat in piles further aggravates the disease. Especially red meat. Red meat also increases the risk of heart diseases. That’s why piles patients should not consume red meat.

processed foodFrozen meals and fast food come in processed food. That is, the consumption of snacks, crispy cheese, sausage rolls, pies, pasties, meat products, hamburgers, things made in microwave, cakes, biscuits etc. is like poison in piles.

what to eat
In the disease of piles, green vegetables which are high in fiber should be consumed. Apart from this, sufficient amount of water should be consumed. A lot of fruits should be consumed. Along with this, consumption of whole grains also gives relief from piles.

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