These home remedies can reduce the stress of cough in winter season



Honey can be consumed to reduce cough.
There may be more cough in the winter season.
To get rid of cough, cut an onion and keep it.

Home Remedies For Cough – Common cough and cold are a year-round problem, but as soon as winter begins, its cases start increasing. Due to dry and cold air, people in every house are troubled by cough. It has been revealed in many studies that coughing is a great way to clear the airways. Even though cough bothers people, it helps in cleaning the lungs better. Many times cough comes due to change of weather which gets cured by itself. But apart from antibiotics, home remedies can also be beneficial to cure chronic cough. Let us know which home remedy can reduce the stress of cough.

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use honey
Honey can be used to get rid of cough. According to Every Day Health Consuming hot liquid things with honey can provide relief in cough. Cough can be calmed by drinking plain warm water or tea with one teaspoon of honey. It also helps in sleeping well.

eating hot things
Consumption of hot things can be beneficial to relieve the stress of cough. Especially hot water, chicken soup, tea and decoction can give relief in cough. Along with keeping the body hydrated, it also strengthens the immune system.

gargle from time to time
Pain can be felt in the nerves and muscles of the throat during cough. To reduce throat pain, gargling with warm salt water can provide relief. Cough can also be calmed by its use.

Cut onion in cough
Many people start crying as soon as they cut onions. It has been revealed in a study that if onion is cut before sleeping and sleep by keeping it on the bedside table, then cough can be reduced. The strong smell of onions can stop cough.

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Cough is common in the winter season, but if cough starts becoming a cause of trouble, then it should be properly treated. Consult a doctor before adopting any home remedy.

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