This website answers every question from daily life to coding, know how to use it



Visit the online playground website to get answers to any questions sitting at home.
Apart from this, you can also know the answer by taking the help of ReAI website.
Both these websites are completely free. There is no need to spend money for this.

New Delhi. In today’s time, to know the answer to any question, we first search it on Google. Many times the answer is not found even after trying a lot. This bothers some people. If you have any kind of question in your mind and the answer is not being found on Google, then we are going to tell you about such a website from where you can get answers to these questions.

From these websites, you can know the answers to the questions related to daily life. Apart from this, you can also find answers to questions related to coding for any software, so let us now tell you about these websites and how you can use them.

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ReAI is an AI based website. To know the answer, you have to first write questions on it. On this, not only you can find answers to maths, but you can also find lines for writing letters, emails or captions on Instagram for leave from office. For this, you must first search by going to Google Chrome. Now after clicking on this website, write a question in the Ask Me Anything box and click on Ask Me ReAI. From here you can copy the answer and send it to anyone.

Like ReAI, Playground is also an AI based website. To know the answers to your questions from this website, first login to it. Let us tell you that you can use the free version on this for a few days. Forever you will need to get the paid version. You can get answers to whatever questions you have in your mind with the help of this website. Let us tell you that after visiting this, do not give permission without reading any term and condition.

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OpenAI Playground
To visit this website, search in Google Chrome browser. After this, login to get the answer from the website and write your question and click on the OK button. From here you can learn many other things along with answers to Maths questions and C++ coding. If you have children in your home and they study, then you can also inform them about these websites.

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