To control blood sugar, drink the juice of these 5 things in winter, diabetes will remain under control



Broccoli juice is considered beneficial for diabetes patients.
Tomato juice should be drunk to keep blood sugar under control.

Juice for diabetes patients: Diabetes is such a disease which slowly hollows the human body. That’s why diabetes is also called silent killer. This disease is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar. According to doctors, some special types of juices are considered very beneficial in this disease. Blood sugar level can be brought under control rapidly by their regular intake. Let us tell you about five such juices today, drinking which keeps blood sugar level under control.

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These juices can be beneficial for diabetic patients-

  1. tomato juice
    healthline It is mentioned in the report that the glycemic index of tomato is low and calories are also low in it. That’s why tomato juice is considered beneficial for diabetes patients. Due to this, the body also gets nutrients like vitamins and potassium.

  1. cucumber juice
    Cucumber juice is not only effective in keeping the body hydrated, but it also controls cholesterol and blood sugar levels. To control the blood sugar level in summer, diabetes patients should consume it regularly. If desired, green leafy vegetables can be mixed with cucumber to prepare cucumber juice.

  1. Cabbage and Apple Juice
    Everyday Health According to the information given in the report, anti-hyperglycemic and anti-oxidant properties are found in cabbage. Not only is the amount of sugar low in it, but nutrients like Vitamin-K and Vitamin-C are also found in it. In such a situation, sugar patients can drink juice made from cabbage. According to experts, juice can be prepared by mixing apple with cabbage.

  1. carrot juice
    Although the sugar content in carrots is higher than other vegetables, but diabetic patients can consume it without any hesitation. According to a report published by Healthline, carrot juice maintains blood sugar levels. However, it is advised to consume it in limited quantity.

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  1. Broccoli Juice
    Broccoli is rich in dietary fiber, which is good for digestion. By drinking its juice, the body gets enough fiber, which manages blood sugar to control diabetes. In this way, broccoli juice is considered beneficial for diabetes patients.

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