Use these root vegetables to get relief from diabetes, a big difference will be seen in a few days


How to control diabetes in winter: The season of winter has come. This is the season in which people pay more attention to their health. The more suitable the winter season is for making health, the more there is a risk of infection of different types of viruses in this season. To avoid the virus, winter also gives us an opportunity to strengthen our immunity because in this season there are many such vegetables and fruits which make our immune system strong. Even if you are a diabetic patient, you can use some special types of vegetables in your diet in winter.

According to the news of Hindustan Times, a diabetic patient has to change his lifestyle to control the sugar level and at the same time it has to be strictly kept in mind that he consumes such things which do not contain sugar. Many such vegetables come in winter, so they can help diabetes patients to control their blood sugar… Let us know about some such special vegetables..

According to health experts, root vegetables can prove to be very beneficial for diabetic patients in the winter season, which can effectively control their blood sugar…

Turnip: Turnip is a root vegetable. It is very low in carbs and rich in fiber and water. It reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and at the same time its consumption also helps a lot in reducing cholesterol.

Beetroot: Beetroot is no less than a panacea for diabetes patients. Blood sugar is controlled by its use, as well as the risk of damage to the eyes due to sugar also reduces manifold. Alpha oleic acid found in beetroot also strengthens the high blood sugar level nervous system. Betalain and Neo Betanin found in it increase the sensitivity of insulin.

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Carrot: Carrot coming in winter is such a vegetable in which nutrients are found in abundance. Diabetes patients can use it in the form of carrot vegetable, salad, juice. Many nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K, Potassium, Fiber and Iron are found in carrots.

Raddish: Diabetic patients should use radish in winter. Chemical elements like glucosinolate and isothiocyanate are found in radish. Both of these help in controlling blood sugar. Consuming radish also boosts your body’s natural adiponectin production, a hormone that protects you from insulin resistance.

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