Warning From Rajasthan Leader In Team Pilot


Rahul Gandhi has been given a sharp reminder of the unresolved feud in Rajasthan. (File)

Just before his Bharat Jodo Yatra enters Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi has been served a sharp reminder of the unresolved power struggle in the state between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his rival Sachin Pilot.

Here are the top 10 points in this big story:

  1. A prominent leader of the Gurjar community has warned of “disruptions” in the Congress’s prestige yatra if Sachin Pilot is not made Chief Minister.

  2. “The current Congress government has completed four years and one year is left. Now Sachin Pilot should be made Chief Minister. If this happens, then you (Rahul Gandhi) are welcome. We will oppose otherwise,” Gurjar leader Vijay Singh Bainsla has said.

  3. Mr Bainsla, who has batted for Sachin Pilot before, raised the demand on a day the Congress leader was to join Rahul Gandhi’s yatra in Maharashtra.

  4. Speaking to NDTV, Mr Bainsla said he had no option, that the Congress government had reneged on an agreement with the community in 2019. “The whole community is suffering in the absence of a Gurjar Chief Minister. You are putting our backs to the door. We are saying get it done now – get up and smell the coffee…do it,” he told NDTV.

  5. “We are not holding anyone to ransom but how long are we going to wait? Why are we moving towards a clash or a confrontation? You are taking people’s wishes and aspirations for a ride,” said the leader. He added that the conversation “needed to go to Rahul Gandhi, who seems to have no idea of what is happening”.

  6. Though Mr Bainsla talked about the community’s accord with the Congress government in 2019, which included a demand for quota, his ultimatum is a manifestation of the Congress’s bigger crisis – the tension between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot that threatens to disrupt Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra in the most embarrassing way.

  7. Recently, Sachin Pilot, in an open challenge to Chief Minister, said the Congress must punish Ashok Gehlot loyalists who had defied the party in September.

  8. The BJP has already mocked Rahul Gandhi’s campaign saying he should take out a “Congress Jodo (Unite Congress) yatra” first.

  9. The Gehlot vs Pilot feud threatens to drag the Congress down in the Rajasthan election a year away.

  10. The party, which had hoped for a détente in Rajasthan at least for Rahul Gandhi’s sake, faces disruptions as the yatra cuts through Gurjar-dominated regions of Rajasthan.


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