Water chestnut boosts energy level in winter, know its amazing health benefits



Water chestnut grows in water, hence it is also called water fruit.
Water chestnut is rich in fiber and low in fat.
When the glycemic index of water chestnut is low, it is beneficial in sugar

Chestnuts Benefits for Health: You must have seen plenty of water chestnuts in the market in winter. This fruit which grows in the river pond is of dark green colour. In many places it is also called Paniphal. If seen, water chestnut is very beneficial for taste as well as health. In about 100 grams of water chestnut, there are 97 calories, 24 grams of carbs, three grams of protein, four grams of fiber and 0.1 fat i.e. negligible fat. In such a situation, it can be called a panacea for health. Water chestnut protects against many diseases as well as boosts the energy level of the body. Let’s know other advantages-

effective in weight loss
According to Healthline, water chestnut is considered beneficial in weight loss due to its low fat content and high calorie content. There is a lot of fiber in it, which keeps the stomach full for a long time, due to which there is no feeling of hunger again and again. That’s why water chestnut is also considered helpful in weight loss.

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provide relief in piles
Water chestnut can also be of great benefit in piles. Actually, the fiber present in water chestnut softens the stool and can also reduce the pain of piles. Its use makes it easier to pass stool, due to which the problem of piles can be controlled quickly.

Beneficial in pregnancy too
By consuming water chestnut during pregnancy, the body of women can get all the necessary proteins and minerals. At such a time, there is a need to avoid infection and the vitamin C present in water chestnut strengthens the immunity of the pregnant woman, due to which both the woman and the unborn child are safe.

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benefit in diabetes
style craze According to the fact that the glycemic index of water chestnut is very low, so it is beneficial for sugar patients. The high fiber present in it prevents the rise in blood sugar levels in the body.

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