Women must get these 5 tests done every year, health will always be good



It is very important for every woman to have regular screening test.
Health tests include breast cancer screening, bone density test, eye exam, etc.

Tests for women: Nowadays women are ahead in every field. She fulfills the responsibility of home, family and job etc. very well. To stay healthy, even if you exercise regularly, eat well and get enough sleep, it does not mean that you are healthy. Along with work, it is also important for women to pay attention to themselves. Staying healthy is not difficult but for this you have to work a little.

First of all, along with the daily routine, get the checkup done from time to time. According to health experts, these 5 tests must be done by women every year, so that they can be helped to remain healthy always.

Women should do this test every year

Medline Plus According to (Medlineplus), even if you are feeling well, you should get regular checkups done, so that you can avoid any problem in future. Women must get this test done every year.

breast cancer screening
Breast cancer screening includes clinical exams and screening mammograms. Every woman should get this test done every year, especially if you have a family history of it. It is possible to treat the problem completely by its diagnosis in the beginning.

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bone density test
In the bone density test, the density of the bones of the patient’s hips and spine is measured. It is also necessary for women to get this test done every year because after an age the bone density starts decreasing in women.

i exam
If you wear contact lenses or glasses, you should have a vision screening, even if you have eye problems, screening may be necessary every year.

dental exam
Even if you do not have any problem related to teeth, then also go to the dentist once in a year and get the screening done.

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thyroid function test
Thyroid is one of the fast-moving problems of women, due to which women face many problems like weight gain. Along with this, the risk of hormonal changes, menopause is high.

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