Yoga session with savita yadav marjariasana markatasana chakrasana setuvajrasana for women health



Pay special attention to your coming and going breaths during yoga practice.
It is right to practice yoga according to your ability.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Yoga is very beneficial for women. If women take out some time everyday in their busy life and practice some necessary yoga, then not only will their body be strong, they will also feel better mentally. Not only this, with the help of some special yoga exercises, they can also get relief from the problem of their periods or the pain that occurs during this period. Here we are giving information about some such yoga exercises which are considered very beneficial especially for men as well as women. So let’s know that by practicing which yoga regularly, women can get better health and live a stress-free life.

start your practice with prayer
Sit on the mat in Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana or Sukhasana and stretch your whole body upwards by lifting both hands interlocked. Count to 10 and lower your hands and relax. Now take a deep breath and meditate. Can recite some mantras. After this, do subtle exercises to warm up the body properly. To see in detail, you can click on the video link given below.

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marjorie seat
Its practice is very beneficial to remove pain or stiffness in the back, spine. To do this, sit in Vajrasana with your knees bent. Then keep the elbows close to the knees in such a way that the palms are kept on the mat in front. Now moving one hand forward, give weight on the knees and hands and lift the whole body. Now lift the head and exhale deeply by stretching the waist inwards. Then make a round by lifting the back and stretch the body by lowering the neck. Take a deep breath. Do this process 10 times. Then relax.

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marquette seat
If there is pain in your back, then to calm it down, lie down on the mat with your back. Now open both the hands straight on both sides. Inhale and while exhaling, keep both the knees on the ground on the left side. At this time your neck will be in the other direction. Keep in mind that the knees and heels are connected to each other. Then inhale and stretch your knees in the other direction. Now you hold till the count of 10. Do this exercise till the count of 10.

Lie down on the back and bend the knees and bring them near the hips. Now keep both the palms close to the combs and lift the whole body like a circle. Now you hold till the count of 20. Pay attention to your coming and going breaths. Women can practice this regularly. But those who have undergone surgery or who are high BP patients should not do this exercise.

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Lie on your back on the mat and keep your knees close to the hips. Now take a deep breath and slowly lift your body. Hold for a while and then lie down on the mat. By doing this, there is stretching of the waist, hips, shoulders, etc. and relief from pain. You can see the complete exercise on the video link.

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